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Foodie Field Trip. {Parma}

Foodie Field Trip. {Parma}


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Entering the Cheese workshop.

Over the years, I have often day dreamed of going to see how the king of Italian cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano is made. To walk into a cool musty room lined with wheels of cheese stacked as high as they can go to the ceiling. To taste the various ages of cheese and compare their flavors- sweet, fruity, buttery, sharp.

Lately we…

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Life Class special people special place…

fantastic foodie days in Parma Italy..

Epic food tour just found - Parma Italy!

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Food Tours In the basket of Italy

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What Gives

FWT gives you the very best day in the food valleys of Parma – check out our videos and fwd us your details for a special day with special traditional products from my region. Website…

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Food Tours in Parma and Bologna Italy

Typographic genius …

Often just having your simple logo in the perfect sweet spot on the fascia and the perfect proportion, sends it… a lot of sign writers don’t get that.

As an ex magazine designer I always see it that way.. I can also subtly tweak it so it flirts and blows a few kisses too.

For superb sign writing call London’s NGS.

Could the Tropical Fruit Soursop Be a Solution to Cancer?

Could the Tropical Fruit Soursop Be a Solution to Cancer?

Could the Tropical Fruit Soursop Be a Solution to Cancer? August 1, 2013 | Filed under: Health,Health Food,News | Posted by: True Activist

800px-Annona_muricata_1_(1)By: Elizabeth Renter,
Natural Society.

As man struggles in labs to create something that may successfully treat cancer without killing patients, effective and healthful treatments wait in nature to be discovered. But while Big Pharma scientists toil and have…

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